Hello Loves,
Thanks for checking out Darling with the Dimples – my creative outlet.

A little about me…

Chicago born and raised. Midwest at heart. Always and forever. Living in New York City but always traveling and exploring the world.

I currently work in Men’s Fashion – Mack Weldon, check us out! I previously specialized in jewelry at another company and women’s prior to Mack Weldon. Overall, fashion and keeping up-to-date with trends has always been my passion and favorite pastime.

How did Darling with the Dimples come about?

Every morning I wake up excited to see what new outfit I can come up with the pieces I have. Always finding a way to rock all styles. One day, I thought – hey, why don’t I share my love and creativity with the world?

And, so – Darling with the Dimples was born.